Reasons to be Thankful, Part 3


OK, it’s a day late, AND you’ve probably had enough lists, but there was a lot of year to sort through.  And there was a fair amount of year that I’d just had soon never happened but may have held some silver linings. So, with due diligence and without further fanfare,  some of the things I am thankful for in 2015:

I am thankful for…

-My Mom and my brothers.


-My Dad passing along his love for and knowledge about Bohemian old-time music. In the ’65 Ford Country Sedan, if the radio was on it was either Baseball  or old time.

WNAX Bohemian band


-My gal, here as we try to stay warm at a San Fran Giants night game.

giants game


-Seven years clean.  Spending Thanksgiving ’08 in treatment is something I don’t ever want to do again.


-Forestburg musk melons not only bigger than your head, but bigger than MY head.

Melon head

-Steve and Katia and all their loving hospitality in beautiful Sonoma.


-The thousands of days I got to be on radio. This is the last picture of me on-air, raising dollars for public broadcasting.  Despite the opinions of the powers that be, I am very good at this.

Last time on air

-My friend and collaborator Dave Foote.  I will miss making stuff like this together:     My Promo Reel

-Working for and with people who “get” you.

-The unique comic stylings of Williams & Ree…Image result for williams and ree

…well, perhaps not.  Moving right along…

-Amoeba Records, Haight Street and Golden Gate Park, San Francisco for having Ska on tap and to go.


-The friends who are still your friends AFTER you can no longer give them access to an audience.

-Joan’s original Wild Rice Tater Tot Hot Dish, which I get once a year on my birthday.

-My brother Bruce for somehow coming up with one of the last “Trail Drive” pinball machines left on the planet.  The only thing better would be adding a chocolate shake, fries, and my old pal Jer on right flipper.

Traildrive pinball

-Field lunch during an afternoon of chasing pheasants in Sanborn County.

Field Lunch

-The ancestral house and grounds in Forestburg on a lovely June day.

Forestburg House june 15

-Three cancer surgeries on my vocal cords instead of radiation, having 80% of my voice instead of no voice at all, and  a streak with ONE clean screen in a row (going for two in December).


-The wisdom to know the difference.  Have a great holiday season.


3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Thankful, Part 3

  1. Lots of great memories,Joe… God be with you and be completely cured.. Bless you all and have a great Merry Christmas and a better New Year… Dee


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