Loss, Honor and Rememberance

It’s been said we all reach a point where life takes away more than it gives.  I try not to think of things in those terms, but I admit it’s been tough of late to keep on the sunny side of life.  Technically I’m unemployed, but my job these days is taking bad news telephone calls, looking up obits online, traveling to funerals, consoling friends and  working to keep fond memories and the love of survivors above the pain.

If I’ve been reminded of anything over the last six weeks or so, it is to make every effort to get together with the friends you love while we’re all still alive.  While Death waits for no one, and getting together to comfort each other at a time of mutual loss is perhaps a friend’s greatest responsibility, let us not forget to also come together to enjoy each other’s company just for the hell of it and while we’re still here.


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