Monthly Archives: December 2017

The New Face of Trump’s Inner Circle

Whether it’s the next appointee for Ambassador to the Netherlands, White House spokesman,  Secretary of Defense or even Chief of Staff, here’s the next “must have” for the Trump White House…Nathan Thurm.


Am I Losing My Eggnoggin???


I need your help.  I’ve talked to 20 people in the last two hours, and no one has EVER heard of Eggnog-flavored ice cream.  One of those people was the Dairy Manager at Hy Vee, and from the look on his face he though the very idea was on par with Dead Mouse and Thistle-flavored gelato.  I feel like a mad stranger in an even crazier land.

I KNOW it existed, and I just remembered where.  Bridgeman’s Ice Cream and Restaurant was a fixture at the Apache Mall in Rochester, MN in the 1970’s.  I remember clearly that when the Plainview High School Choir travelled to sing Christmas tunes at the Mall I had a double-scoop sugar cone.  Or two.  I haven’t seen a Bridgeman’s Restaurant in 30 years, but Bulk Bridgman’s flavors are still made.  However, I went to their website and….NO EGGNOG FLAVORED ICE CREAM.  Am I trippin’?  Have I uncovered the first clue in an alien plot to take over the planet?  Help a brother out if you remember the flavor…know who still makes the flavor…or if a flavor fave of yours (holiday or not) also fell victim to the genetically superior occupants of Ceti Alpha 5.

What Comes Around, Goes…Back Home

You can’t make it up:  In December 2014 I built this table.  It was one of my first pieces made of reclaimed materials (in this case an old hog oiler and a lower shelf off of an otherwise destroyed Queen Anne table). I always liked it, and struggled whether to keep it or sell it.  I sold the table to an antique dealer at a garage sale April ’15 for $65 dollars.  Flash ahead three years: Last Saturday I had a couple of extra minutes after work, so I stopped by an antique mall on my way home.  I walked in, and there to my immediate left was…the table!  It was marked down from $175.00 to….$19.99. Apparently the general public didn’t think much of the table, but I still like it a lot and bought it back!  I’m chalking it up to good Karma.