Monthly Archives: August 2018

Now And Always An Avant Gardener

A few snaps from the Garden of my mother, Joyce Tlustos, on August 24, 2018 in SW Sioux Falls, SD. As the sign indicates, Mom was, is, and will always be an Avant Gardener. What makes a person an Avant Gardener? I don’t know. I suspect a particular, whimsical attitude has something to do with it. I suspect age does not.

After 35 Years, Soucheray and Reusse out at KSTP

Just learned that after 35 years Hubbard Broadcasting/KSTP are shutting down Joe Soucheray, Patrick James Steven Reusse and Garage Logic. I was a small part of that historic run both on and off the air for 6 years, and for a handful more when the show went into syndication.

I don’t know just what to say at the moment, but will have more soon.