I live in Sioux Falls, SD. I logged 37 successful years in broadcast and multi media. Among my accomplishments were programming one of the top news/talk radio stations in America, and turning around and professionalizing an 11-station public radio network.  In 2015 I went under the knife three times in four months to remove cancer from my vocal cords, wondering each time if I’d still have a voice when I woke up.  I was rewarded for this hard work, dedication and success by finally learning what its like to get thrown under the bus by the very people for whom  you busted your butt, and  trusted to have your back.   Not that I’m bitter or anything. 🙂 I’ve won an Emmy Award for my voice work, and wrote a music/history TV special that was nominated for another, and was nominated for several NAB Marconi Awards for my work in commercial radio.  Besides cancer I am a recovering addict, and a Certified Addiction Management Coach.  Husband since ’87, and father since ’93. Most of all I’m terminally curious and love going interesting places, doing interesting things and meeting interesting people. Restoring antiques, repurposing rather than throwing out, discovering history, and quality documentaries are among my passions. I grew up in the beautiful Plainview, MN (The “Plateau of Plenty”), but was born in Forestburg, SD, the “Melon Capital of South Dakota”, where we spend weekends in the 100+ year old home once owned by my my maternal great-grandmother.  I’m right behind Doren’s Bar, so if its the weekend, you’re stopping for a refreshment and the garage door is up, stop over. IMG_1213

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