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What Comes Around, Goes…Back Home

You can’t make it up:  In December 2014 I built this table.  It was one of my first pieces made of reclaimed materials (in this case an old hog oiler and a lower shelf off of an otherwise destroyed Queen Anne table). I always liked it, and struggled whether to keep it or sell it.  I sold the table to an antique dealer at a garage sale April ’15 for $65 dollars.  Flash ahead three years: Last Saturday I had a couple of extra minutes after work, so I stopped by an antique mall on my way home.  I walked in, and there to my immediate left was…the table!  It was marked down from $175.00 to….$19.99. Apparently the general public didn’t think much of the table, but I still like it a lot and bought it back!  I’m chalking it up to good Karma.