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Happy Birthday To Us

Thursday, January 21 is my birthday.  I’ve been doing “life math” the last couple of months, and doing double-takes counting the  years. Things like how long  Joan and I have been married (28 year last October), how many years its been since my first radio show (1978, 38 years ago), etc. Tomorrow I turn 55.  I can’t compare where I’m at against where I thought I’d be at 55 because I never thought that far ahead.  I’ve already experienced and survived  (so far) a number of the events which are common as one ages, and the fear that can accompany them (the loss of a parent, cancer, surgically repaired joints, the start of arthritis).  55 also has an upside, as I now qualify for another level of senior citizen discounts, including an extra 5% off at some of my favorite junkin’ spots.  As  Eric Idle sang at the end of “Life of Brian”, “Always look on the bright side of life!”

My mother said something to me a few years back that has stuck with me. I now use it every time I talk about a birthday.  It’s really not just MY birthday, it’s OUR birthday.  We were both involved, and Mom did most of the work.  I won’t bore you with being born details, but I’ve been told it was quite the adventure.  It involved a 1960 black VW Beetle, navigating 25 miles from the farm to Mitchell in a full-blown South Dakota blizzard, me entering the world backwards butt first  (poetic), and my usually calm, reserved and diplomatic Dad going ballistic when the folks at the hospital weren’t showing any sense of urgency.

I like the idea of it being “Our Birthday”, and we celebrated Tuesday with lunch and talking over her current dried flower art.  She’s the talented one.  I am but a small “muse”, providing her with found items which sometimes serve as objects for her to build upon. If you’ve gone to Admissions at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls any time in the last 16 years or so you’ve seen my Mom’s work.  In fact yesterday she brought in some fresh creations. Check’em ouf if you’re in that neighborhood.  I took some photos yesterday of a few of the items up or in progress at her place. Mom’s modest, but I and most people who see it know it’s art.  And yes, she either grew it or harvested it in the wild, and dried everything herself.

I’ve promised to make my blog posts shorter, so I’ll end with saying thanks to Mom for putting in all the serious work to make sure I was born.  I am proud of her, and I think she’s proud of me.  Hopefully we’ll get to share Our Birthday together for many years to come.


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